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Documentation Design

"Even the smallest light shines in the darkness"

Project Outline
The aim of this project is to introduce the player to the wonderful world of the 'MINIONS'. 
By sharing in their adventures players will experience a fun accessible game for all ages. 
The gameplay is based around choosing a squad of 4 'MINIONS' out of 22 playable characters, using their distinct abilities to progress through each stage of the game. 
My personal aim is to learn what makes a game fun to play, from start to finish, and to learn the skills to achieve this outcome. 
Decisions will be based on planning, testing and refining ideas. 
I hope to produce a game that will endear the 'MINIONS' to the world.

Game Summary
Minion is a momentous day a spark of defiance is fostered inside of him. 
In an act of rebellion he refuses the cruel commands of his master and is cast from the high peaks of their mountainous tower. 
There in the depths he is rescued by other rebellious exiles and begins to gather more allies to aid in their mission. 

Help the 'MINIONS' overthrow their evil oppressive Dark Lord by combining the strengths of all the 'MINIONS' to undo his diabolical deeds. Journey around the enchanted realms of Maximin and gain the skills you need to liberate the entire planet. 

Game Outline 
You control any member of a 4 man squad each with their own special ability. The player must navigate through numerous stages to make their way back to the Dark Lords Tower

'MINIONS  - Rebelution's intention is to inspire the player to help the downtrodden, underdogs of the story the 'MINIONS'. 
By exploring and liberating the many realms that make up Maximin from the evil forces of the Dark Lord, you gain skills and allies to aid you in your final confrontation with the Dark Lord himself.  


'Minions - Rebelution' is an Adventure/Exploration game. 

ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)

Characters will be modelled in 3ds max 2012. 
UnrealEngine 3 will be used as the Game Engine. 
The game will feature stylised characters with realistic materials/textures. 

Similar Products - X-men Legends, WarpBastion, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 12, XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Technical Specifications

Lead Character 


5,000 Tris 
512 x 512 24bit D/N/S

The main protagonist of the story. Minion is a versatile character able to propel himself over a fair distance by swinging his Morning Star MaceIt can also be used to bash enemies on the head! When his Mace is Upgraded it changes from a Medium Range Attack to a Long Range Attack

NPC (Non-Playable Character)


2,500 Tris
512 x 512 24bit D/N/S

Ogel's are a race of peaceful jelly-like creatures who are under the tyranny of the Dark Lord
They are forced to harvest Gems from nearby mines to fill the coffers of the Dark Lords Treasure Vaults

The player encounters them in a shanty town village that they inhabit called Oop. Appalled by the squalid conditions and their ill treatment at the hands of your enemy you rise to their defence.


The Wheel

1,500 Tris
512 x 512 24bit D/N/S

Simply put The Wheel is a ramshackle mode of transport for the Minions
It is powered by a hand crank which the player must operate to put The Wheel into motion. 
The 4 playable characters must take turns on the crank as it can be very tiring relying on just one Minion

The Sand Traps of DUME

(Vertical Slice)

Small Rocks are 256 x 256 24bit D/N/S
Large Rocks are 512 x 512 24bit D/N/S

Tile-able Ground 512 x 512 24bit D/N/S

Tile-able Sand 512 x 512 24bit D/N/S

Once a lush and verdant land, now a mixture of barren rock and shifting sands. A desolate wasteland hiding a deadly secret. 

What lies beneath the sands?

Props - 


(Game Mechanic)

400 Tris 

256 x 256 24bit D/N/S

Can be jumped upon to reach higher platforms or just for fun. If you like that kind of thing.
Swing Ring

(Platform Primer)

400 Tris 

512 x 512 24bit D/N/S

The Swing Ring is used to circumnavigate environmental hazards. Once a player has connected with the Swing Ring it literally 'swings' them around to an adjacent platform. 
The chicken has no known function. It is just a chicken.

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