Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Aviator (kind of)

Outso/Lockwood Original Aviator

Well I went a little bit off track from the original concept.  I agreed with Heather that it would be okay to redesign the Aviator within reason - 

I decided to adapt the design to suit my Rooftop level. More out of a need to unify the ideas. I think it makes for a more impressive body of work.

Aviator/Trawler Woman Character in my UDK Rooftop Level

More UDK views

Sketchfab gives a relatively good impression of how the final model looks.

The Specular isn't exactly spot on but it's good enough to demonstrate here.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Project Video - Rooftop & Vehicle

Here is a quick fly-through of my current progress. The whole level has sound now 

(I'm not sure how you include that from UDK screenshots, which is how this video was made).

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Vehicle Progress

This my concept for the Air Trawler. 

A simple orthographic

The environment for my vehicle - 

The idea behind this environment is a hanger bay for the Air Trawler to re-fuel or re-supply on it's way to the Sky Harbour.

The cloud was added in photoshop. It's just to establish it's position in the scene
I've taken some liberties with Photoshop in this one ;)

I regret not creating a new environment for this brief but the vehicle took up so much time that I settled for repurposing existing assets from my rooftop. 

In these following images I wanted to show the silhouette of the craft aside from any environment - 

I've added a few minor details to the surface of the Air Trawler - 


I've uploaded PNG versions of the Hi Res texture sheets - 

I'm still amending small things with the Normals and Speculars to get the optimum effects. 

Friday, 16 November 2012

Rooftop Updates

The rooftop I've been making is heavily influenced by Ian McQue's art works.


These are some quick sketches that helped me select the right colours and the mood of my rooftop. 

I had been reading a lot of Tin Tin and Blake & Mortimer at the time. 

I think their influence may have seeped in.

I imagined this place to be home to a mixture of hardy characters, not all of them human

High Altitude Crab Fishermen

An Air Trawler coming into land startles a passing bird

Logo concepts for my signs/decals

And here is a concept of a vehicle that could populate the scene -

I'm planning to use this design for my vehicle project*


Here are my most recent screenshots -

The main structure is a high altitude harbour used by Sky Crab fishermen. 

The crane and other structures are made from a selection of models already in the scene mashed together
I've added more structures surrounding the main harbour -

I plan to add some sounds for atmosphere. Cold winds spring to mind. Heather suggested that I include some creaking metal sounds too. Maybe some flapping material or something next to the moving nets?
If possible I'd like to create some actual Sky Crabs flying high above the scene.
Mood boards and other influences -

Mood Board


Here is progress of the construction of the level - 


Here are a few more screen grabs  -

*I've uploaded some older screenshots which include my untextured vehicle but are just to show of the features of the Rooftop.

The idea for the screen is that it is promoting the Sky Crab Fishermen's haul and their brand, because their's is the best, of course.
Scene from the film Bladerunner (1982)
 I always liked the monstrous skyscraper billboards in the film Bladerunner. 
Whilst mine is extremely modest in comparison I still wanted to have this thing looming over the workers as they toil away.
Concept art from Bladerunner (1982)

These are from an earlier version which has no surrounding structures but shows off the silhouette of the rooftop/harbour quite well -