Tuesday, 2 November 2010

BLITZCRAIG! - The ramblings of a fevered mind

Thank you to Aaron Allport & Jolyon Webb! \{*O*}/
Valuable insight from the industry is priceless and to see the gaming world through their eyes was also a privlige.

Seeing their level of work and the skills needed, was a reality check too, but I was assured buy their enthuasiasm towards their job.

The Blitz Academy seems like a great idea too.
I imagine they can train new employees to accommodate a number of job roles in-house.
That's a level of commitment most companies do not subscribe to.
Quite refreshing :)

I personally felt, that they didn't really present any products that would 'wow the crowd'.
They hinted at Kinect games, possibly the future interface for gaming (PS Move included),
yet all we saw was an awful cutesy bengal tiger! Which I instantly thought was crap :( (sorry!)

I'm not saying any of the work shown wasn't impressive. It was amazing.
(The Maya rigging was very interesting)
I just didn't see anything that made me think 'I want to work for these guys!'
I noticed a lot of artwork for 'Dead To Rights', very nice artwork too!
But not a great game :(

Maybe they don't feel they need to do that? 
They obviously get a lot of work to be able to employ so many staff! :)
Maybe its this blumin' flu I've had for the last few weeks, dulled my brain? 
It could be my expectations of what the lecture might entail, was wrong?
I thought we might get to see behind the scenes of a game in progress. There were hints of that, I guess.

Maybe I should be grateful that they take the time to visit us. They certainly expressed their support for our course :)
It's rare to get close ties to industry.

At this point, maybe it's my perception of the games industry. How it works :s
It is a business after all. 
I think most of us want to work on a big title game, straight out of University.
I guess we may be in for a bit of a shock. I don't know, I am just making assumptions at this point. 

We're all hungry and keen to be involved in the next 'Bioshock' or 'Assassins Creed', etc.
I think the first thing we can expect from day one is too be given very small tasks, to show our level of abilities and how much work pressure we can handle. 
Its when we've proven ourselves in these roles that we will be given more responsibilities for big title games. Because, they wouldn't hand over assignments to the new guy. You'd be an unknown quantity. 
We've got to earn our stripes everywhere we go. I think this is something we have be prepared for. 

Every workplace I've experienced, has been a proving ground and although that sounds depressing, there will be a point when your skills speak for you and your reputation gets your foot in the door (or on the ladder, if you prefer ;p)

I've completely forgotten what my original point was. (Did I have one?)
Maybe it's that we've all got something to prove right now, to show how good we are to games companies, but it might take a wee bit longer than we think. 
Man, this blog has become so serious! \{'~'}/ Forgive my waffling! 

I think this blog has become the equivalent of a psychiatrist's couch for me! 
"All my fears and concerns are escaping"

At the end of the day it was an awesome lecture. I thought Jolyon and Aaron demystified how a games company works, what they expect. 
Maybe next year they could show 'A Day In The Life of A Character Artist' 
or 'A Day In The Life of A Texture Artist', etc. To give us an understanding of the workload.

And I think Jolyon gave us an invaluable piece of advice, regarding our thought process, to always be training our brains and basically, to be aware of the world. It is full of weird and inspiring oddities! 
Ernst Haeckel, Radiolarian Array Painting

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